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Perhaps if you were to follow the instructions here, and post more info, BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums that would let anyone see what is running on your PC if they wished to try to hazard a guess.

I'd rather not thanks as I'd be bound to mess something up....

Let it find the ones you need and then install them.

Just be sure you give yourself a lot of time for this, as if you have not updated in that long, there is going to be a lot of updates.

It may well be that Dell have produced a BIOS update for that machine to aid it in updating to Win 10, but if you have any doubts then contact Dell to see if they'll give you an answer for what may be a machine out of warranty.

If you do decide to update the BIOS, ensure you have both battery and AC connected because if there's a power blip then you'll brick the machine.

It will list all the items that "need" to be updated and all those that are "optional", some of which you probably should update anyway.The simplest answer is: if your PC is running ok, don't do anything about drivers - MS updates these for you.Ah thanks never knew that so definitely won't touch.I hope this is the right place to ask about updating my Bios.When I bought this new laptop from Dell it came with Windows 7 SP1 installed, and with the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 when I wanted to. There is an update on the Dell site that I can download to update my Bios.

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Windows 10 is the latest version from Microsoft, and there are new features in the free Creators Update.

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