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When Pau was in training camp, we [Pau, Marc, younger brother Adria, and their parents, both medical professionals from Spain] came here and stayed downtown at the Marriott, and then we moved into an apartment in Germantown.

We were all living in a three-bedroom apartment, the five of us.” Later, Gasol attended White Station High School for two days before anyone figured out he lived in Germantown and couldn’t actually attend a (then) Memphis City School.

He might be one of us now, but he didn’t feel that way at first.

When he first got to Memphis, everything was oversized.

Marriage is the only truly universal political institution in the world. But think about it: There’s no culture, time or place where marriage of some form doesn’t exist.

Celtics hints that they could trade for Marc Gasol, as the Grizzlies’ future is in flux.

Though I must admit Silvia Lopez has got one hell of a banging body (to see more pics click here): Looks like Kobe’s wife couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

Kobe Bryant broke a man tradition by revealing to Vanessa that Pau ALSO had an affair.

Although interracial marriage is more common now, over 40 percent of those marriages are between whites and Hispanics.

Meanwhile, marriage generally has increasingly become a luxury good, divided more by class than by race: Wealthy Americans tend to get educated and meet their mates in college or through college-linked social networks.

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