Baby boomers and speed dating

Ever-youthful Joanna Lumley, Bill Clinton and Cher are 70 already and are now joined by a million new septuagenarians this year — more than ever before. They may be doting grandparents, but they’re also going to music festivals, travelling the globe, wearing skinny jeans, remodelling their houses and feeling fitter and healthier than they’ve ever been. Which is why the Oxford Institute Of Population Ageing is insisting we change the language surrounding age. In my youth I assumed my 70s would be a time of diminishing returns, yet so far — I am approaching 74 — I have found it a strikingly cheering time.To mark this, Channel 4 has a new four-part TV series called The Baby Boomers’ Guide To Growing Old. Angela Neustatter, 73, is a writer and author of 13 books including The Year I Turn . Forget ‘old’, those of us in our 70s and 80s should now be called ‘active adults’ instead. Angela Neustatter, 73, is a writer and author of 13 books including The Year I Turn . I seem to belong to the group where ‘a growing happiness’ in elders has been charted by economists.

Although the report cited Canada as a good example of a country that manages to attach great importance to such matters, we see and read Canadian media reports everyday that lament how the older generation has not saved enough and cannot afford to retire.

Usually she wore sensible tweed skirts and cardies.

The Sixties Women’s Movement showed those of us who tuned into feminism that we had every right to assert ourselves.

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