Dating six month anniversary big deal

We care that you’re mad at us, of course, and when we’ve done something disappointing or let you down, that’s certainly bad. It’s just that the concept of relationship anniversaries seems really unnecessary.Now, in this case we’re talking about relationship anniversaries, not wedding anniversaries.

The first month is a big deal and most women if not the men will expect some sort of recognition of the conclusion of one month of dating.Anniversaries are a special time for obvious reasons, but how soon is too soon to recognize your dating anniversary is something to celebrate? Some say you shouldn't celebrate for fear that it would scare off your boyfriend or girlfriend for fear that you're moving too fast in the relationship.Bloggers even make comments to those asking for gift advice for 1-month dating anniversary gifts.Instead he cried to me about how much he hates his life while he repeatedly punched himself in the face. You know, maybe this is why he went to his mothers instead of spending time with you. Your boyfriend obviously needed you at that time because something was bothering him and upset him deeply, but you were too blind by your own greedyness to see it. The reason I was so upset over him not doing anything for our 6 months together was because he made sure I got him a present, and told me a bunch of times that he was planning something fun. Then when I got sad about it, he got mad at me and pretty much ignored me. i know when you're young 6 months seems like a long time and for him to play up to it probably made it that much more important.. why am i the only one that thinks punching himself in the face is fucking psycho?? you don't want to have to put up with that kind of dramatic shit so early on..You need to apologize to him and show your MAN the love and support he deserves. imagine if he actually had real problems like debt and financial stress!!!

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