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I was right in the Maharishi's camp writing "I wanna die . I know we developed our own style but we still in a way parodied American music . That was our policy because we found it stupid and bullshit. I still think that Janov's therapy is great, you know, but I don't want to make it into a big Maharishi thing. In the early days, I can remember what George Martin did. He helped us develop a language, to talk to musicians.

– that I was writing them supposedly in the presence of guru and meditating so many hours a day, writing "I'm So Tired" and songs of such pain as "Yer Blues" which I meant. ""Yer Blues," was that also deliberately meant to be a parody of the English blues scene? I'm a bit self-conscious – we all were a bit self-conscious and the Beatles were super self-conscious people about parody of Americans which we do and have done. this is interesting: in the early days in England, all the groups were like Elvis and a backing group, and the Beatles deliberately didn't move like Elvis. Then I have an objective: "I'm going to do an act and this is what we are coming to do." And we settle down and we just talk. You see, for quite a few of our albums, like the Beatles' double albums, George Martin didn't really produce it. We would say "play like Bach" or something, so he would put 12 bars in there.

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Hear Jann Wenner's Legendary 1970 John Lennon Interview Rolling Stone founder and publisher Jann Wenner sat down with the ex-Beatle in December 1970 for what became one of the most legendary rock interviews ever What do you think of your album? I think it's realistic and it's true to the me that has been developing over the years from my life. I always found that phony, but I'd find occasion to do it because I'd be so hung up, I couldn't even think about myself. There are no "newspaper taxis."Actually, that's Paul's line. I think the backings on mine are as complicated as the backings on any record you've ever heard, if you've got an ear. Any musician will tell you, just play a note on a piano, it's got harmonics in it. I don't know when I realized that I was putting down all these things I didn't believe in. John: Yes, I was going to leave a gap, and just fill in your own words: whoever you don't believe in. I'm not just talking about the Beatles, I'm talking about the generation thing. It wasn't a thing that Pete Townshend worked out, it is something that you do when you play six or seven hours. And now I have Yoko there, and Phil there, alternatively and together, who sort of love me so that I can perform better, and I relaxed. It's like that, but the looseness of the singing was developing on "Cold Turkey" from the experience of Yoko's singing. I never liked the fruity Judy Collins and Baez and all of that stuff. It just was an ad lib: it was about the third take, and I got to remembering, and it begins to sound like Frankie Laine, you know, when you sing, (sings) "Remember the Fifth of November." I just broke up, and it went on for about another seven or eight minutes. That's where you have to make your artistic judgment to say well, this is the take and this isn't. "Well, pain is the pain we go through all the time. Pain is what we are in most of the time, and I think that the bigger the pain, the more God you look for. I don't know who wrote about it, or what anybody else said, I just know that's what Yoko: He just felt it. In part one of a raw and remarkably candid interview, Lennon talks about the Beatles' breakup, his new life with Yoko, and why his new album, 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,' is 'the best thing I've ever done.' This interview took place in New York City on December 8th, shortly after John and Yoko finished their albums in England. I don't know about anything else, really, and the few true songs I ever wrote were like "Help" and "Strawberry Fields." I can't think of them all offhand. ""I don't believe in magic," that series of statements. I didn't sit down to think, "I'm going to write about Mother" or I didn't sit down to think "I'm going to write about this, that or the other." They all came out, like all the best work that anybody ever does. like in India I wrote the last batch of best songs, like "I'm So Tired" and "Yer Blues." They're pretty realistic, they were about me. Then Mick Jagger came out and resurrected "bullshit movement," wiggling your arse. In case he's not sure of himself, he makes it double entendre. Paul was saying, "Don't call it 'Yer Blues,' just say it straight." But I was self-conscious and I went for "Yer Blues." I think all that has passed now, because all the musicians . You were right to tell me to forget the advert, and that is why I don't even want to talk about it too much, if people know what I've been through there, and if they want to find out, they can find out, otherwise it turns into I don't really want to get this big Primal thing going because it is so embarrassing. She has a musical ear, and she can produce rock and roll. you don't have to be born and bred in rock, she knows when a bass sound is right, and when a guy is playing out of rhythm and when the engineer – she had a bit of trouble – the engineer thinks well, who the hell is this? So, she did that for me."Working Class Hero" sounds like an early Dylan song. I was very, very shy, and there are many reasons why I didn't like very much go for musicians. They came to New York to attend to the details of the release of the album, to make some films, and for a private visit. They were the ones I always considered my best songs. There's a great one in England now, "I Hear You Knocking." I liked the "Spirit in the Sky" a few months back. I was influenced by acid and got psychedelic, like the whole generation, but really, I like rock and roll and I express myself best in rock. Well, like a lot of the words, it just came out of me mouth. I had the idea that "God is the concept by which we measure pain," so that when you have a word like that, you just sit down and sing the first tune that comes into your head and the tune is simple, because I like that kind of music and then I just rolled into it. Why did you tag that cut at the end with "Mummy's Dead"? Whether it is an article or what, it's just the best ones that come out, and all these came out, because I had If you are on holiday or in therapy, wherever you are, if you do spend time . So then people began to say the Beatles were because they don't move. When we were younger, we used to move, we used to jump around and do all the things they're doing now, like going on stage with toilet seats and shitting and pissing. Yes, there was a self-consciousness about singing blues. The thing in a nutshell: primal therapy allowed us to feel feelings continually, and those feelings usually make you cry. Because before, I wasn't feeling things, that's all. It's probably better because I have the whole time to myself, you know. This time it was my album and it used to get a bit embarrassing in front of George and Paul, because we know each other so well. She can produce me, which she did for some of the tracks. Anybody that sings with a guitar and sings about something heavy would tend to sound like this. I didn't even realize that there were in the song until somebody pointed it out. What is the difference between George Martin and Phil Spector? I didn't like to have to see 20 guys sitting there and try to tell them what to do. So, apart from the early days – when I didn't have much to do with it – I did it myself. Miss Hailey was still asleep, when some young dude slammed the door of her bedroom and broke in together with his friend.Both were drunken, horny and hungry for her sexy body.

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