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The project centered around a celebrity-focused website called — which regularly features models, actresses and scantily clad social media stars.Kavanaugh said the venture in question was led by former Relativity partner Colbeck Capital and had been approved by Relativity’s Board of Directors, of which he is still a member despite relinquishing day-to-day executive control of the operation in December.But instead, they ended the affair on an unhealthy note.Driver said the relationship reached an ill-fated end due to Josh’s mother’s involvement.The next year, he met Bill Clinton, who was running for President, and the two found a ready kinship.Although Burkle was a registered Republican until 2004, by the mid-nineties he had become one of the Democratic Party’s major financiers.(The LA district attorney dropped any criminal investigation over the chopper flap.) But last week, Kavanaugh instead threw a fund-raiser for rival LA County Sheriff candidate James Hellmold.The event was hosted at Kavanaugh’s hanger at the Santa Monica airport, where guests including Ron Burkle and Leonardo Di Caprio chatted with Hellmold and his wife.

At the wedding Driver showed how effortlessly stylish and radiant she can be and how she has still got one of the best fashion senses in the industry.Driver, an Academy award nominee, is famous for her umpteen relationships.She has been known to have dated at least of fifteen different men.Inside the towering iron gates of Green Acres, a Beverly Hills estate built in the nineteen-twenties by the silent-film actor Harold Lloyd, a narrow road climbs through eight acres of lawns and gardens to a mansion modelled on the Villa Palmieri, the Florentine palazzo where Boccaccio set the “Decameron.” One afternoon in mid-June, the courtyard held a dozen gleaming sports cars—Lamborghinis, Teslas, Ferraris, Mc Larens—arranged in a circular design, like giant steel petals.In the nineties, when the estate’s owner, Ron Burkle, was making a fortune in the supermarket business, he raised money from venders to pay for Indy race cars emblazoned with “Food4Less” or “Ralphs.” The cars were an excellent deal for Burkle: they helped his image, and they cost him almost nothing.

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Attorneys for Fields did not return The Wrap’s repeated requests for comment over the case.

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