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See Channel 9 Video: Design and validate your architecture using layer diagrams.You can link layers to Web sites, Office documents, plain text files, and files in projects that are shared across multiple apps, but the validation process won't include them.These layers describe the major components of the system or the tasks that those artifacts perform.You must define these layers, link artifacts to them, and describe the intended dependencies between those artifacts.I personally think that this section is one of the most important sections in the book.The ideas there are not just how to use MSBuild but more like best practice guidance on creating uber-reusable build scripts.To make sure that code doesn't conflict with its design, validate your code with layer diagrams in Visual Studio.

Alternatively, you can select Publish from the build menu.By Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Rick Anderson This article focuses on using Visual Studio 2017 to create publish profiles. This section uses Visual Studio 2017 and higher to create publishing profiles.The publish profiles created with Visual Studio can be run from MSBuild and Visual Studio 2017. Once created, you can publish from Visual Studio or the command line.You can also add assemblies and projects manually for validation without dragging them to the layer diagram.During the development process, you might want to suppress some of the reported conflicts during validation.

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