Validating a high performance programmable secure coprocessor

To address this problem, research (e.g., =-=[9, 13, 14]-=-) has long explored the potential of secure coprocessors: highassurance hardware devices that can be trusted to carry out computation unmolested by an adversary with direct physical access. Citation Context ..and to offer a collection of certificates purporting to authenticate its keyholder.It would be simplest if the party could use a straightforward validation algorithm on this collection.We a p ply cryptographic techniques to t he problem of fraud in metered mail. T h e U S P ostal Service' recent Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP) announcement a d o pted the principal design features of our model.We de s c r i b e a m ail system that combines oo-the-shelf barcode t echnology, t amper-proof devices, and cryptography in a fully-integrated secure franking system. Tampering w i t h postage meters to f r a udulently obtain extra postagee 2. As the value of data on computing systems increases and operating systems become more secure, physical attacks on computing systems to steal or modify assets become more likely.This technology requires constant review and improvement, just as other competitive technologies need review to stay at the leading edge.

The AEGIS [25], CERIUM [6], and XOM =-=[15]-=- projects all take various approaches to augmenting a CPU to protect processes; Mc Gregor and Lee [18] explore augmenting a CPU to protect key material.

We p r o vide d etailed justiication for our design,and discuss important t r a d eoos involving scanning s t r a tegies, encryption technology and 2-D barcode t echnology.

RC6 is an evolutionary improvement of RC5, designed to meet the requirements of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Specific technical mechanisms now in use are shown, as well as mechanisms proposed for future use. (2000) Physical Security Devices for Computer Subsystems: A Survey of Attacks and Defenses.

Common design problems and solutions are discussed with consideration for manufacturing.

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Will developing intrusion detection capabilities meet the operational, performance, and implementation goals of the US Air Force?

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