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This collection of experts will join producer and creator Lex Hefner, up-coming documentary filmmaker of gritty films that reflect the issues and problems in society that are often ignored in mainstream media.

More specifically, the producer wanted to make this documentary because “there are many worrying divisions and circumstances in the LGBT community that are threatening the progression and stability of the community.” Hefner hopes that people will use the documentary as a dating aid into entering relationships, as well as be aware to the issues she feels are eroding the community.

“It’s hard to relate,” Ricky said, speaking of his brother Keith’s dating woe. But he couldn’t find anybody that was going through the same thing he was going through.” For many years, Keith lived with the severe limitations that come with Crohn’s disease, experiencing extreme weight loss and rarely going out. Many times, the disclosure of a chronic or debilitating illness is an ice bath for the dating ardor, and even relationships that have been strong for months or years can be challenged by a medical condition.

Typically trading means moving in and out of positions over a short period of time, sometimes in the same day.

There are also a few additional transcriptions (of wills) under the Images heading, and of manuscripts under the Research heading.

One night I arrived home with my 8-year-old son — our arms full of groceries — when he opened the door with his chin and proclaimed “ladies first.” As I walked in front of him I wanted to gobble him up then and there.

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The Short Version: The world of dating is full of challenges, but it can be particularly tricky if you suffer from a medical condition and are trying to determine when to reveal it to your date.

For many, “the talk” usually ends with a one-way ticket to splitsville.

Prescription4Love aims to take some of the awkwardness and heartache out of dating while living with a disability or illness by putting it all out there, upfront.

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