Beautiful women hard time dating

I’ve got a quick fascinating little quiz for you that’s going to show you something you need to know about men. Is it: A) A woman who’s smart, independent and “together.” Or…B) A woman who doesn’t seem to have that much going for her and seems to “need” a man and a relationship. Why don’t they see what an amazing catch you and the women who have their act together are?My eye color isn’t interesting, and my hair is always feral.

Even though he might have features that some people would consider ugly (e.g.

ANSWER: If you’re like lots of women I’ve talked to, then it’s your experience that men overwhelmingly seem to go for the “B” women – women who don’t really have their life together in some important ways. Here are two reasons a man might make the mistake of choosing a less “together” or successful woman over you.

1) Men Are Misreading You Does having a busy successful career change the way you act in love and relationships?

“You have no idea what it’s like to be called beautiful all the time,” a good friend once remarked.

“It’s like your biggest accomplishment is something you didn’t do yourself.” She wasn’t being rude; I’m not beautiful in the traditional sense.

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Many good men make all sorts of classic mistakes that can lead to failure with women, dating and relationships.

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