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Go look at Potato porn, you Correctness hating Sons of Bitches! “Idaholes” It means some Sawtooth National Park visiting Idaho non humor site checking out River City assholes.

A judge decided Thursday to give back Spokane mining millionaire Neal Degerstrom’s photographs of naked women. The pictures, described in a Thursday court hearing, show women in various poses at Degerstrom’s Valley office building basement.

A quick look at the Correctness analytics reveal we have received hits from every province and every state. I’m 5897 feet above sea level and I hate the Correctness.” Well you know what, we don’t even WANT you to look on here Idaho.

You’re all like “Ooooh loook at me I’m Idaho, I have the largest man made Geyser in the world at Soda Springs!

They’re on pool tables and animal skins, wearing feathered masks and brandishing drinks.

They’re sprawled across the laps of Degerstrom’s colleagues.

Around this time of year, articles and news stories start appearing about the “summer slide,” forebodingly proclaiming that children who don’t read during the three months that school is out of session face a serious loss in learning.

When you hear this information, you may wonder how to help your children take an interest in summer reading, especially if you had to wrestle them just to read for school assignments.

She feared she and her indigenous girlfriends would either be mistaken for sex workers, assaulted, or picked up by police and returned to angry, worried parents. She wanted to beat the odds in her family and go to university.

Kim Bryant, the children’s library supervisor at Idaho Falls Public Library, is passionate about teaching kids to love reading. If you don’t want to have a flabby brain, you need to read over the summer.” Let them read what they want.

She shared a few tips for making your children eager to read this summer. Many children are driven to be successful and will take a stronger interest in reading if they know it will help them get ahead. When reading material is assigned, children tend to view it as a chore.

Jokubeit’s background file does not show prior offenses, Ledford said.

The Dent County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted in the investigation.“A Dent County sheriff’s detective was investigating online child pornography and came across images that were connected to Jokubeit’s IP address,” Ledford said.

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