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Porn legend Jenna Jameson is a serious 'Mean Girl' ...

according to Tito Ortiz's current gf, who says Jenna's cyberbullying her so hard she needs a restraining order.

Now, in the latest turn of events, Tito has released CCTV footage shot from within the home he shared with Jameson before it was foreclosed on earlier this year.

Ex-UFC octagon girl Amber Miller says Jenna stirred up her social media minions to attack her during a "self-proclaimed roast" of Amber.

In docs, Amber says Jenna told her thousands of followers to "go after" Amber and they responded.

4) Tito Ortiz and Amber Miller It seems like UFC Hall-of-Famer Tito Ortiz has a soft spot for blondes.

After having dated former porn-star Jenna Jameson for several years, he set his interest on former Octagon Girl Amber Nichole Miller, and the two are still dating to this day.

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